Golf Tips

Putting Basics… Left… Left… Left

  1. Left #1… Ball positioned off of left instep to create more over-spin.
  2. Left #2… Left eye over ball… Feet, Shoulders, Eyes (Optics) all parallel to the target line.
  3. Left #3… Control the putting stroke motion with the left shoulder and arm.

Alignment & Stroke…

  1. Alignment… Feet Aligned 6-8 inches left of your intended target line.
  2. The Stroke… Follow through equal distance to backswing.
  3. Tempo of Stroke should remain constant for all putts… Distance is controlled by the Length of the Stroke.

Wayne Oien, PGA

Chipping Basics

Ball Position: When swinging a club, the lowest point normally falls right in the middle of your center of gravity.  Since you want to make sure you hit the ball on the way down and before you hit the turf, this means you should move the ball slightly behind center at address.  I recommend two inches behind your center.  Keep this ball location consistent. Moving it further back or forward will change your club angle at impact.

Hand Position: Your hands need to be in the same place at address for every chip shot you make.  You want your hands slightly in front of the ball.

Weight Balance: In keeping with the theme of hitting the ball first you need to make sure more of your weight remains on the front foot rather than the back, around 60%.

Clubface Alignment: The back of your left hand should face the target. The back of the left hand controls the club face alignment throughout the chip so keep it facing the target on the follow-through.

Body Alignment: Line up your feet and shoulders so they are square to a line which is 2-3feet left of the direction you want the ball to go. (Open stance)

Distance Control: Using a pitching wedge, make your swing feel like you are tossing the ball underhand to the spot where you want the ball to land. Using a 7-iron, pretend you are putting to the hole.

Wayne Oien, PGA

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Wayne Oien

Wayne Oien

Director of Golf, PGA Head Golf Professional at Triple Crown Country Club


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Brian Nitschke

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