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Why leave that extra 20 yards in the bag when you can take it to the course!

The Golf Academy at Triple Crown is proud to present the ES14 – a sophisticated, information packed GPS launch monitor developed for golf professionals, golf instructors, and serious golfers who desire to take their golf game to the next level.  After the development of the ES12 and its instant success, Ernest Sports was asked by professionals in the industry to produce a launch monitor that offered more statistics than ball speed and distance.  Ernest Sports not only listened, but produced.  The ES14 is the result.  This launch monitor shows golfers their club speed, launch angle, ball speed, smash factor, spin rate, and distance on each shot hit.

These six factors concerning each shot are displayed on a large, programmable screen.  The LCD shows 3 of the 6 factors and automatically scrolls over to display the remaining 3 factors. Other programmable features include altitude settings, the choice between yards or meters, loft settings and carry or total distances.

Utilizing these six factors, a trained Academy Professional will provide you with accurate, scientific club fitting data which will improve your distance and accuracy.

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Driver Fitting
Ball Fitting
Putter Fitting
Iron Fitting
Hybrid/Irons Gap Analysis
Wedge Gap Analysis
Shaft Fitting/Analysis
Grip Fitting/Analysis

$50.00 per Single Service Selection

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Wayne Oien

Wayne Oien

Director of Golf, PGA Head Golf Professional at Triple Crown Country Club


Brian Nitschke

Brian Nitschke

PGA Teaching Professional